2019 Meeting

October 14-17, 2019

Bayview Wildwood Resort & Spa

1500 Port Stanton Parkway
Severn Bridge, Ontario

It is time to make plans to attend this year's Person Memory Interest Group (PMIG) meeting, taking place prior to the SESP convention in Toronto. We are fortunate this year to secure the use of the Bayview Wildwood Resort & Spa (https://www.bayviewwildwood.com/). This beautiful facility is located 91 miles by car from the Toronto Pearson International Airport. 

As is our tradition, the formal program sessions will be held all day on Wednesday (October 16) and on Thursday morning (October 17). We strongly encourage people to arrive on Monday afternoon/evening (October 14) if possible, to enjoy a full day Tuesday of exploring the outdoors, sightseeing, talking with long-time friends, making new friends, and general informal activity. This aspect of our schedule has long been a valued aspect of PMIG. It is much more than a day of relaxation; it's also a time of merging science with nature, of informal sharing of ideas, and of learning about others' research in one-to-one conversations, etc. 

Program. As in recent years, our program will feature invited talks and an informal paper session. Both types of presentations will be included on the conference program. This year, Prof. Mahzarin Banaji will be featured as the recipient of the Thomas M. Ostrom Award.

Invited Talks. We encourage attendees who have received their doctorate degree prior to October 2019 to submit a talk title and brief abstract (250 words max) for consideration. We expect to notify the selected speakers by early September.

Informal Paper Presentations. All attendees are invited to submit a paper title (no abstract required) if they would like to present during the informal paper session.

Accommodations and Costs. Attendees will have the choice between double-bed or single-bed rooms, and you will indicate your preferences when you register (see below). If you request a double room, feel free to request a roommate with whom you have verified a mutual interest in rooming together. If you do not request a roommate, you will be assigned a same-gender roommate. If one roommate arrives on Monday and the second on Tuesday, the former will be charged for a single for one night. As such, try to select a roommate who is planning to arrive on the same day. Individuals who share a King bed will each be charged the double rate. 

Please note that there are a limited number of single rooms available. If the number of people desiring single rooms exceeds the number of single rooms, we will assign them in the order that people register. There are also options for triple or quad occupancy at a somewhat lower cost. These accommodations can be requested for individuals indicating a preference for these housing arrangements on the registration form.

The approximate cost per person including housing, meals, and taxes (in Canadian Dollars):

Monday arrival (meals beginning with Monday dinner)

Single-bed room = $734

Double-bed room = $561

Tuesday arrival (meals beginning Tuesday dinner)

Single-bed room = $489

Double-bed room = $374

Attendees will pay these fees to the conference site during the conference and will receive receipts from the Bayview Wildwood Resort.

Conference Registration Fee. The registration fee this year again will be $85 (US Dollars). This fee covers the costs of supplying the hospitality room for our evening relaxation time, AV costs, snacks, and other costs associated with the conference.

After completing your registration form (https://forms.gle/niJ2q5EzwCkQgzBW8), please submit your $85 registration fee directly to Steve Stroessner via Venmo (www.venmo.com/Steven-Stroessner) or by check (1013 16th Street, Unit 101, Santa Monica, CA 90403). Venmo is free for transferring funds from a bank account or debit cards from within the US, but use of a credit card incurs a 3% charge that will be added to the amount paid. 

Non-U.S. residents can pay the registration fees in cash (US ($85) or Canadian ($US based on current exchange rate)) at the conference. Credit cards cannot be accepted.

The registration fee must be received no later than September 1, 2019. Cancellations before October 1 can be issued a full reimbursement of the registration fee. Registration fee receipts will be issued promptly after funds have been received (and those using Venmo will receive an additional receipt that way). The registration fee receipt also serves as a confirmation that you have successfully registered for Person Memory 2019.


Please complete the Registration Form at (https://forms.gle/niJ2q5EzwCkQgzBW8). Registration and payments received after September 1 will NOT guarantee inclusion in the conference.