2016 Meeting

September 26-29, 2016 

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

850 Willow Creek Rd,
P.O. Box 160
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

It is time to make plans to attend this year's Person Memory Interest Group (PMIG) meeting, prior to the SESP convention in Santa Monica, California. We are fortunate this year to secure the use of the renowned UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center (http://lakearrowheadconferencecenter.ucla.edu/). It is situated in a beautiful location, and the conference facilities are reported to be outstanding. The facility is located approximately 2 hours from the SESP conference site, Santa Monica, CA, and its closest airport, Los Angeles International (LAX), (see http://lakearrowheadconferencecenter.ucla.edu/directions/). Individuals who only plan to attend Person Memory and not SESP may consider arriving at the Ontario International Airport (ONT) and driving from there to Lake Arrowhead (44 miles compared with 99 miles from LAX).

As is our tradition, the formal program sessions will be held all day on Wednesday (September 28) and on Thursday morning (September 29). However, we strongly encourage people to arrive on Monday afternoon/evening (September 26) if possible, to enjoy a full day Tuesday of exploring the outdoors, sightseeing, talking with long-time friends, making new friends, and general informal activity. This aspect of our schedule has become a valued hallmark of PMIG meetings and people find that it's much more than a day of relaxation; it's also a time of merging science with nature, of informal sharing of ideas, and of learning about others' research in one-to-one conversations, etc. 

Program. As in recent years, our program will feature invited talks and an informal paper session. Both types of presentations will be included on the conference program.

Invited Talks. We encourage attendees who have received their doctorate degree prior to September 2016 to submit a talk title and brief abstract (250 words max) for consideration. We expect to notify the selected speakers by early September.

Informal Paper Presentations. All attendees are invited to submit a paper title (no abstract required) if they would like to present during the informal paper session.

Accommodations and Costs. Costs of attending PMIG are somewhat higher than usual this year, given the quality of the facility. We did explore numerous alternate facilities in the area but generally found them either to be too restrictive in policies (e.g., no alcohol or early curfew) or too rustic (e.g., large cabins with bunkbeds and communal washrooms). We feel that this facility offers a good balance of cost and quality, even though we hope to return to more moderately priced facilities in future years.

The UCLA Conference Center is also unique in its pricing structure and housing situation compared with previous years. We have been allocated attractive “Condolets” to accommodate our group, each with two bedrooms (each of which includes a private bathroom) and a shared living room (http://lakearrowheadconferencecenter.ucla.edu/accommodations/). Unlike previous years, pricing is based on the number of people who attend the conference rather than the number of rooms that are rented. Therefore, there is NO differentiation in cost for people who chose to share a room versus those who would prefer a single. You are certainly free to share a room with another attendee if you desire (and you should indicate that on the registration form), but there will be no cost savings for sharing a room. If you do wish to share a room, please confirm roommate arrangements with that person prior to submitting your registration form.

An important aspect of PMIG is that it includes people at various career stages, and we want to do what we can to ensure that graduate students, post-docs, and new faculty can attend the meeting. Accordingly, this year, we are charging conference fees based on rank rather than depending on room arrangements.

The cost per person including housing, meals, and taxes:

For people arriving on Monday

Associate and Full Professors:                                  $750

Assistant Professors and Post-doctoral Scholars:     $660

Graduate Students:                                                  $540  

For people arriving on Tuesday:


Associate and Full Professors:                                  $500

Assistant Professors and Post-doctoral Scholars:     $440
Graduate Students:                                                  $360  


Because the conference organizers are paying the conference site on behalf of the entire group this year, we need attendees to pay the accommodation fees in advance of the conference.

Conference Registration Fee. The registration fee this year will be $85. This fee covers the costs of supplying the hospitality room for our evening relaxation time and other costs associated with putting on the conference.

After completing your registration form (https://ucisoe.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b4bnc2hjXj72Ezr), please submit your payment of the registration fee and accommodations directly to Steve Stroessner via Venmo or by check. All conference fees (including accommodation fees and the registration fee) must be received no later than August 15, 2016. Cancellations before August 27th can be issued a full reimbursement.

Submitting Conference Fees. You may submit your payment to Steve Stroessner via Venmo (www.venmo.com/Steven-Stroessner) or mail a check made out to Steve to 1013 16th Street, Unit 101, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Please be aware that Venmo is free for transferring funds from a bank account or debit cards. Use of a credit card incurs a 3% charge that will be added to the amount paid. 

Non-U.S. residents are encouraged to use Venmo. Those who do not have easy access to U.S. funds can pay the registration and accommodation fees in cash (US $) at the conference (credit cards not accepted).

We will provide receipts for the accommodation and registration fees at the conclusion of the conference. 


Please complete the Registration Form at https://ucisoe.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b4bnc2hjXj72Ezr. At the end of the form, you will again be given detailed instructions for payment of the Registration Fee and for food and accommodations. Registration and payments received after August 15 will NOT guarantee inclusion in the conference.